At WyzeTribe, Our Mission is to Maximize Your Profits by Streamlining & Optimizing Your Business!



Melanie and the whole WyzeTribe family are fast, competent and efficient. Their background gives me confidence that all technical matters are secure in their hands, which allows me to focus on other aspects & priorities of my business. Melanie confidently makes suggestions that continuously increases my traffic and has helped me take my company to new levels of operation. The WyzeTribe family are an asset and an indispensable part of my team.

Sal Harper




Our Services

As a Profit Optimization & Technology Expert, Melanie, along with her team at WyzeTribe help you streamline your business to achieve maximum profits. It all starts with assessing your current state, learning about you, your company, your vision, and your goals, and then building a custom implementation plan that creates the most efficient path to maximum profits.


We work within your current budget while setting your infrastructure to scale with you. We offer a variety of packages to suit all budgets from education to completely done for you. We are constantly assessing common processes & workflows, such as the sales process, and re-engineering them to make them even more efficient. With WyzeTribe as your technology partners, you never have to worry if you are wasting money on software or losing time doing things manually. With WyzeTribe on your side, you never have to worry about technology again.


Do It Yourself

At WyzeTribe we offer a variety of digital courses & bootcamps to walk you step-by-step through the process. Our catalog covers a variety of workflows including customer acquisition - from attracting your perfect client to automated follow-up, client engagement & retention, affiliate & referral programs, process optimization, system integration, profit optimization, and more. 

Done With You

At WyzeTribe we offer a variety of virtual bootcamps & live summits to get your workflows designed, implemented, and launched on the spot. Our catalog covers shorter virtual bootcamps that can be done in a few hours, such as creating your mobile opt-in, to half day bootcamps that walk you through integrating your systems to multiple day summits, such as client engagement.

Done For You

At WyzeTribe we offer a variety of services to handle all of your technology needs from small maintenance packages to large design, implement, & rollout product launches. Our catalog covers everything from monetizing your pretty website, to product, book, digital course, membership site, & event launches to system integration, workflow automation, and process improvements, and more.

​Melanie and her team create well structured digital funnels so that you never miss the opportunity to stay in touch with your clients. Her team works quickly to make sure all of the technical systems are set up. You can stay in touch via text message or email and offer your clients a variety of products and services. Melanie's team has supported me in creating text message opt-ins and sales pages to promote my digital course, events, and other products. She has also created a drip campaign for my free social media style guide that provides great free value to clients but then offers them up-sells into my product offerings. I'm so happy that all of my customer management systems are optimized and that I can stay in touch automatically. If you are looking for ways to create even more income online you definitely want to work with the team at WyzeTribe​.

Farhana Cannon


Let's Make Buying Complicated, & Expensive Software You Do Not Need A

Thing of The Past!!

At WyzeTribe, it is our mission to ensure everyone has the right technology package to achieve their personal and professional goals. We start with understanding your goals, then we dive into your current setup, and finally we work collaboratively with you to build or buy the right technology for your goals and budget. 

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